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niedziela, 8 września 2019

Zezorro na ITEL PT 5.9.19

Jak zwykle fantastyczny Dennis Fetcho poprosił mnie o komentarz do bieżących wydarzeń w Polsce, echa których dosięgły go w ojczystej Kalifornii, a także w Arabii Saudyjskiej, gdzie akurat przebywa. Nie mogłem naturalnie się oprzeć tym bardziej, że ostatni nasz kontakt zmobilizował mnie do naprawy skype na moim biednym kompie, cierpiącym na chroniczną jego chorobę od kilku długich lat, po moich perypetiach śledczych ze Smoleńskiem w tle. Na wszystkich trzech systemach skype zdechł. Ale udało się go po niewielkich zabiegach ożywić choć na jednym. Tekst ściągnąłem courtesy of ITEL, a więcej w bieżącej analizie tygodniowej SS 36/19, umieszczonej świeżo w necie. Sporo materiału do rozmyślań.
Zezorro, a political and economic analyst from Warsaw, Poland, returned to ITEL after quite a long absence. Appearing on Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! for Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019, Zezorro discussed the rising spiritual and nationalist sentiments of the Polish people, natural gas wars where Poland is due to serve as a hub for US natural gas into Central Europe, and the subsurface messages being sent by Trump’s cancellation of a trip to Poland.

Of particular interest was Zezorro’s insights on the recent cancellation of a trip to Poland under pretenses of wanting to stay stateside to deal with Hurricane Dorian. Zezorro suspects quite different. All of this has its roots in the passage of what is called Just Act of 2017, a scheme by which global Jewish power is seeking to use its US asset as a means to extort $billions from European countries. In the case of Poland alone, Jews are seeking some US$300 billion in “reparations” from Poland, a figure that would saddle Poles with some US$100,000 per man, woman, and child in Poland, a cost that would effectively turn the Poles back into slaves of Jews.

The problem for Jews is that Poles and Jews have a long history together. As Zezorro put it, Germans put on Poles the harshest counter-insurgency rules within any of the German occupied territory. In Poland, the aiding of Jews was a capital punishment that was meted out not just to the individual responsible for aiding Jews, but to all of that persons immediate family.

And Poles remember. Poles know that Jews abandoned their property in search of gold in the new Palestine. In such cases, land left without any estate or heirs falls back into the domain of the state, a condition which essentially exists worldwide.

It is simply unlawful for Jews to be making such demands, and even more so to be making such demands through the use of a foreign entity, the United States, which has no claim stake or claim within the transaction between Jews and Poles. What Jews are doing is unlawful and tantamount to extortion and since Poles remember the days of helping so many Jews throughout WWII, the fact that Jews are now coming back and seeking reparations from Poles themselves is becoming a bit too much to bear.

President Trump, who has shown that he is willing to give the Jewish state anything that the Likudnik loons want, was probably signaling his displeasure at Poles not signing laws that legalize Jewish extortion against Poland and so decided to stay home.

On the nationalist front, Zezorro spoke about how Poland has been under so much foreign influence and occupation that the nation has never really been allowed to prosper and grow as a Polish identity and as such, Poles want nothing to do with mass Islamic immigration nor the subversive occupation that the global homo LGBTQ movement seeks to impose on Poland.

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