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poniedziałek, 17 lipca 2017

USA-Poland LNG Play

source: insidetheeyelive.com

Zezorro, from Zezorro.blogspot.com, a leading independent political and business analysis website, joined Inside the Eye – Live! to discuss POTUS Donald Trump’s visit to Poland. Zezorro is based in Warsaw, Poland. Zezorro commented that Trump’s visit had a “Pontiff” feel to it, comparing Trump’s visit to the Pope’s visit some decades ago. Trump’s historic speech, which touched on the very real war being waged on the West and the pillars of the West’s cultural foundations.

Merkel, Pan-Europeanism, and the Kalergi Plan

With Germany’s Angela Merkel firmly in the hands of the EU’s Kalergi camp, Trump’s speech in Poland could be viewed as taking a stab at Germany and Brussels while equally supporting nationalist and traditional Western political forces in Poland and throughout the Western world, including the United States. Meanwhile, Zezorro commented how Merkel is playing a multi-layered game in order to protect her domestic front, which is rising to oppose “multiculturalism”, and her external regional and global fronts, which is an ongoing effort to make the Kalergi Plan a reality with the end result being the death of Western civilization.

Trump, indirectly, drew attention to the planned destruction of the West from internal forces in a speech that for those aware of the political dynamics of Europe, could easily read into it that global Jewish interests are largely the enemy of not just the West, but of humanity itself.

LNG – Carving up Europe’s Liquid Natural Gas Market

Poland’s efforts to expand its LNG (liquefied natural gas) processing capability and transform Poland into an LNG distribution hub was discussed at length. With Nordstream (Russia-Germany) and Turkstream (Russia-Turkey), and the planned shutdown of central Europe’s pipeline through Ukraine at the end of this decade, and with Russia bypassing Poland for transit by laying a pipe through international waters in the Baltic Sea, Poland’s strategy is to ally itself with the United States in the hopes that the United States can provide LNG at an affordable price that allows Poland to be a wedge by becoming a distribution hub for LNG in central Europe.

The recent Qatar-Saudi crisis could possibly have hidden undertones as the United States seeks to make Qatar gas appear less stable on global markets as well as increase costs for Qatar by denying localize refueling for LNG carrying ships needing to refuel to carry Qatar gas to global markets.

All in all, a very fascinating interview and a must for anyone seeking to have a clearer picture on the current political and economic dynamics of Europe as viewed from Poland’s capital of Warsaw.


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