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poniedziałek, 4 maja 2015

ITEL radio 2.5.15

Zezorro – East Europe Updates

The Internet connection was not of a sufficient quality for to enable a quality conversation with Zezorro, however, we managed to get through the entire interview.

There is good information contained within the interview, although the quality was jittery, but not so that words were largely broken.

We began the discussion with some insights on the upcoming elections and how these elections are the first to come along that will see a replacement of the coup d’etat that was engineered when the Presidential plane of Poland went down near Smolensk in Russia.

The conversation meandered to the Night Wolves biker club, Maidan sniper training in Poland, and quite a bit more.

The information was very good but one has to admittedly deal with sub-standard audio. However, still worth a listen. The audio clears up as the studio stepped in to assist in producing the show.

Zapoper from Grizzom.blogspot.com edited much of the technical issues

Zezorro can be found at Zezorro.blogspot.com

You can hear the entire interview here: ZZ on ITEL 2.5.2015

You can hear the entire show here: ITEL 2.5.2015
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