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poniedziałek, 8 lipca 2013

Zezorro on ITEL Radio – 7.6.2013


Dennis Fetcho aka The Fetch, originally from LA, a streetwise technical contractor [telecoms], an independent esoteric researcher and a great raconteur, was kind enough to have me on his show. As he is currently in Amman, Jordan you will surely appreciate his take on events unfolding in Middle East [meddle east in my vocabulary], because he watches them closely on location. I was honored to be given a chance to formulate my take on recent polish events from international and historic perspective. Fetch seems to find it informative, so there is a distinct chance for a follow-up. Stay tuned!

You can follow him via RSS, listen to his podcasts on his site, or - preferably - just tune in for his show on internet radio, because he is a broadcaster, a radio man, more to listen to than to write about.

Inside the Eye - live!

“Zezorro”, from Zezorro.blogspot.com joined ITEL for hour number 3 to discuss some relevant Polish history and what he maintains is a coup d’etat staged against the Polish government on April 10, 2010. One might remember that it was on April 10, 2010 when, allegedly, a TU-154 from Poland was headed for a Katyn Forest commemoration carrying the President of Poland and much of the entire Polish political and military leadership when it crashed just short of the runway under what was said less than perfect visibility conditions.

Zezorro spoke at length on this issue and why he believes that the Smolensk plane incident was a hoax and simply did not happen. He further elaborated on the relationship of Russia’s Putin and Germany’s Merkel and how he believes that the Smolensk incident was simply a cover for an internal Polish coup d’etat for the benefit of Russia and which was approved or perhaps even sanctioned by Germany and the United States.

Poland – A Jewish Paradise

An interesting revelation was the point of view that the relationship between Poland and its Jewish population was such that since the 14th Century, at the time of King Kazimir the Great, provided for Jewish people their own private settlements and the period became known as a “Golden Age” for Jews, or a “paradise Udoru”, or Jewish Paradise, a concept elaborated on in Jewish historical texts.

Further insights revealed is the strategy to re-introduce this Polish centered Jewish paradise, with the assistance of New York and London, and provide for a form of “Aliya” of Jewish people to Poland.

This interview provides a series of insights well worth the listen.

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