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piątek, 7 czerwca 2013

It's Fajrant! Heartache


Tina Turner - When The Heartache Is Over

Once in a lifetime you find
Someone to show you the way
Someone to make your decisions
And I let you lead me astray

Who did you think you were fooling
Said you were missing me blind
But the truth is I knew you were lying
You were using me time after time

When the heartache is over
I know I wont be missing you missing you
Wont look over my shoulder
cause I know that I can live without you
Oh live without you
Oh I can live without you

Time to move on with my life now
Leaving the past all behind
I can make my own decisions
It was only a matter of time
Sometimes I look back in anger
Thinking about all the pain
But I know that Im stronger without you
And that Ill never need you again

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