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czwartek, 24 kwietnia 2014

Why is Poland Suddenly so Anti-Russian?

I asked Polish blogger ZZ to explain why Poland is so anti Russian.
I thought Tusk collaborated with Russia re Smolensk etc.

Hi Henry

You just posed one very pertinent question. Why the "polish" government, so obstinately sticking to the "restart", reconciliation and "opening up to the east" with Putin narrative, so abruptly changed course, now being overtly and sometimes rabidly anti-Putin?

The answer is a very simple one. The quasi overnight change of heart came with the Kiev crisis. For correct tenor you can blame ketchup Kerry personally and the NATO officialdom, giving unmistakable marching orders - Putin is on a warpath with us in Ukraine. Poland is an important NATO member in the region, although new, and to be exact the most important in the Ukraine showdown, being immediate and biggest Ukraine's neighbor.

The streetwise wisdom here on the ground is closer to reality, namely the previous infatuation with Putin was entirely fake and propaganda creation, what you can corroborate in surfacing now popular demand to USA to immediately beef up their military presence, finding a willing ear now in Washington. The people are suspicious of Russian imperial belligerence - and historically justifiably so, because over the last 300 years Moscow was intermittently at war of aggression against Poland and slayed millions in the field, as well in XIX century tsarist gulags in Siberia. You did not know? Gulag is only a modernized version of this barbaric, morbidly Asiatic idea. I talked of this historical context on Inside the Eye shows. There is no way out of history and geography - you have to know it, to understand, what is happening.

And finally, make no mistake about it. The people, on either side of the border, do not want war, they are only reacting on artificially instigated fear. The current anti-Russian propaganda is obviously as much fake as the previous pro-Russian love campaign. We are now to be afraid of Putin - that's all. The reality of the gambit is a bit more complicated than that. The Neocons are belligerently pushing Putin on his backyard and he does not miss the occasion to mount a long overdue in his optics "reunification" campaign. Make no mistake about it - contrary to public perception Moscow, as always, acts in lockstep with Berlin. As endresult they will partition Ukraine between themselves, exactly as was done with Poland in 1939. So started WW2, and now there will be its immediate continuation, WW3. Is it so hard to grasp? I do not think so.


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