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piątek, 9 maja 2014

ITEL radio: what's going on in Odessa, Slaviansk


What the international community seems not to grasp very clearly, is the realization that all the players involved in the bloody spectacle have dirty hands - and as a rule - apply dirty tricks of propaganda. You can conceive of it as a geopolitical struggle, or a theater, depending on your point of observation. What is real though, is the fact - by many discarded as unconceivable - that Ukraine is a failed state, currently at the throes of full-fledged civil war.

What is more disconcerting, for the propagandists of all sides, is the fact, that the two principal power brokers in the conflict - and by definition players in it - Moscow nad Berlin, are on many levels dangerously close and operate hand in glove, a whole lot more, than they would make you believe. Do the Germans want the Ukrainian war? It seems so, because the preponderant geopolitical interest, as well as economic doctrine, pushes them in this general direction. Is there any wonder, that Berlin is so strenously opposed to joining NATO by Ukraine, although all the other main partners of the military alliance vote decidedly for it? Is it any wonder that Berlin fights tooth and nail to diminish and disarm any workable economic sanctions, mounted by Washington against Moscow? There is copious historical precedent for this, because Berlin is a hidden ally of Putin in this conflict and works towards partitioning the ukrainian state into two parts: the western joining EU and NATO and the east, returning under the old, soviet central rule.

All the three main stakeholders want war, althought at cross purposes. Putin is reacting on the Maidan revolution and destibilization with his own counterplan, prepared well in advance and just successfully tested on the ground in Crimea. He won and nobody seems to notice, that this is only starting and long from being over. What makes him so sure is his hidden ally.

The new self-appointed government in Kiev has no other option, as a military crackdown on the eastern rebels, because otherwise it will loose the feeble grip on power it has so far acquired. The time acts against it, so they are pushing for a fast and hard confrontation, fully aware that their window of opportunity closes down, as more and more local conflicts in the east erupt and more and more municipalities declare their independence from central power. Putin is obviously helping them in every possible way, with hardware and propaganda, creating the situation on the ground, which in short order will force Kiev to attack and invade their own citizens with heavy weaponry. This is well awaited and fully prepared for by Kremlin, which will be more than happy to intervene militarily in fully blown civil war in eastern Ukraine, on humanitarian grounds.

The situation so perceived is indeed very grim, because the ukrainian people seem to be left alone, as everybody wants to make some good deal on their backs, be it over their dead bodies. Civil war is on and the endgame of partitiong of the failed state of Ukraine seems well advanced. Can you discern the vultures in the picture now? You should, because the game is stale by now, the same scenario already played in Kosovo for example.

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