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sobota, 2 stycznia 2016

Poland Part of Zionist Ukraine Gambit

Patriots who applauded the recent victory of the nationalist "Law and Justice" Party in Poland should think again. According to our man in Warsaw, "ZZ",despite hostile gestures to EU, the new government is part of the Zionist plan to subvert and devour Russia. And, even though Jaroslaw Kaczynskiis brother of the President killed April 10, 2010, ZZ doesn't expect the truth to be revealed. - See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2016/01/poland-is-part-of-zionist.html
"Regime change in Kiev is their project, so are current changes in Polish landscape, being a vital component of the whole process. It just happens the totality of this is positive for Poland, but as all in life, it comes at a price: War with Russia and all that implies."

To see recent events in perspective, you have to go back to the epochal Obama's visit to Poland in May 2014, shortly after the coup in Kiev. As you can guess these events are closely related, as was confirmed lately by the visit of Joe Biden to Kiev, followed a short week afterwards by our new president Duda (Kaczynski.)

If you do some fact checking, you will discover that Biden promised Poroshenko unwavering support and vowed, keeping straight face, that „Russia should return Crimea to Ukraine", the operative word being 'should'. He pledged some hundred million dollars of additional financial help for Ukraine, a country functionally in default ($3 bln owed to Russia contracted under Yanukowych), and mired in civil war. Two days later, Christine Lagarde gave Ukraine a couple billion more of fresh capital, changing BTW the sacrosanct internal IMF lending rules in the process - just to make it happen! Kiev is now bankrupt, but liquid. Our Duda was equally magnanimous in his support for Poroshenko, and came with a neat bundle of help - one billion euros credit line from government's bank (BGK). It does not take a genius to see a pattern.

As you can read in recent books of Stratfor's George Friedman, the so called 'Intermarium project' is in full swing in the region. Regime change in Kiev was only a segment of this operation, the center of it being naturally Poland. It is now doing heavy lifting for the struggling neighbour: militarily, economically and demographically. You see in the media that we are against Germany-induced, forced migration from MENA. That's correct, but it is not right, because... we have here over one million migrants from Ukraine already. The same amount Berlin managed to import this year from the south... But we are not even half their population. And nobody speaks about it, although our internal affairs admits it openly, but off the record. The great secret consists in the fact, that all is done under cover. We have to do it - so we do it, plain and simple. They come this way or the other so we accommodate them, as far as we can. So says strategic plan, laid out in 2014.

We are now Ukraine's background and supply line. Do not lose sight of the fact that Kiev just joined the EU and in six months will be a member of Shengen agreement. Such changes come with a cost. And sometimes tremendous upheaval. Please consult the map. The eastern borders or EU just moved some 1000 miles to the east - straight into Russia's back yard. Historically speaking, this is their cradle, because Russia started in Kiev, Kievan Rus, some 1000 years ago, and later expanded northwards to contemporary White Rus and Russia proper. You think, that such changes, as factual reversing of Yalta agreement, come without a cost? I do not think so.


Let's return to our local backyard. After the winds of change in 2014, I correctly forecasted radical political, sea change process in last years elections: both parliamentary and presidential, I even correctly named future {current} president and prime minister. Why? Because I took into account predominant geopolitical factors. We have now a stable government, center-right, somewhat akin to Fides in Hungary, and simply follow in their footsteps with a bank tax, media reform and so on. The now opposition, notably pro-Russian element, is taking a heavy beating - politically, but what is more important economically. Their shady grey businesses are now totally laid to waste, with heavy direct and indirect American support. Not the least factor play in this economical sanctions against Russia. Pray tell, how is it supposed to work differently, with no visible opposition and friction, when we find ourselves embroiled in the midst of a civil war in Ukraine and an economic war with Russia - in oil and gas from there covering our 95% of demand only a short year ago?

It all changed so dramatically, that you cannot imagine. Let's just say, that the second refinery {1/3 of domestic production} buys now as a matter of testing quasi totality of their oil from Saudi in place of nearby Russian pipeline. Previous two consecutive governments being not only openly pro-Russian, but heavily corrupted, you can guess that they fight tooth and nail against the changes, what should be expected, their totality running serious risk of not only losing business, but a personal freedom too. Yes, the new justice minister just drafted a total remake of the chief prosecutor office... It's for real. So no wonder we run real risk of some next coup d'etat in coming months, the actual confrontation between parliament and constitutional tribunal being a good start...


Your question about the domination of Zion in the media I have to answer in strong negative, the crux of the changes applying to the state media only. They will become more open and pluralistic, informational, and less political and propagandized, being heavily leftist, as of late. Old commies and their children rule, so it's high time they take a hike. No great changes in private media, though, so your hope for the seachange is misplaced. What's more, although Soros and his foundations supports his leftist, bolshevist friends in the media - so you can hear the jazz of the raging battle even in your Winnipeg, the heavyweights from PNAC - Kagan, Nuland and so on are betting heavily and undoubtedly on winning party {PIS} and current government.

Regime change in Kiev is their project, so are current changes in polish landscape, being a vital component of the whole process. It just happens the totality of this is positive for Poland, but as all in life comes at a price. What is the price, you would like to ask? That's the easy part of this, after all complicated preamble.

War with Russia, meaning technical and moral readiness for it. To high a price and a risk? Take a second look at the map. There is simply no other option available, Kiev and Warsaw being where they are.

As far as Smolensk is concerned do not hold your breath, as the whole thing is a multilayered false flag and intrigue. The current minister of defence, Macierewicz, is a frequent visitor to USA and... a head of parliamentary commission, studying the Smolensk „accident", so one set of obvious lies was just changed by a set of other obvious lies. Take into account that the commission worked under obvious restrictions of previous government, presiding over the „accident", so all can be expected is some sort of local Warren commission. That's all for the moment.

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