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czwartek, 27 marca 2014

ITEL Radio 3.8.14 – Zezorro – Ukraine Coup Fall-Out

Popular Polish political observer “Zezorro” was a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! for March 8, 2014 to discuss the fallout from the coup d’etat in Ukraine that was engineered by Neocons in the United States State Department and associated “NGO’s”.

An interesting theory advanced by Zezorro s the idea that Putin is operating in a feigned “opposition” capacity and that the entire Ukraine agenda is cleverly scripted between “East” and “West”, a reality that would be tantamount to a behind the scenes deal to partition the Ukraine.

On this idea, I am not so sure, but stranger things have happened on the global scene.

Crimea on the Chopping Block

The pragmatic reality of the Neocon takeover of Ukraine is that Russia’s warm water ports in the Crimea were put at risk. Combine Russian national interests with the historical fact that Crimea has for most of the past 300 years been a part of what could be considered “Russia” and the fact that Kiev’s newly installed Western puppet government made specific threats and actual legislative attempts to “outlaw” “being Russian”, it was beyond understandable that the people of Crimea would be largely quite nervous about remaining in such a hostile government environment.

Consequently, a snap referendum was called to enable the people of Crimea to vote on their future with Ukraine: a) break away entirely and joining Russia, or b) remain within the Ukraine with expanded autonomy bordering on full independence from Ukraine.

Russia Securing Crimea

While the political machinery in the Crimea moved to enable the people of Crimea to vote on their future, Russia and Crimean self defense forces were busy securing Crimea. The international airport, naval bases, and additional military bases were rapidly isolated and secured.

Russia scuttled two ships in the channel linking the Black Sea with the Donuzlav Lake. One of the ships, the Ochakov Kara-class cruiser, was scuttled in 9-11 meters of water. The operation effectively blocked access to the Black Sea for the Ukrainian naval vessels deployed in Novoozerne.

As always with Zezorro, a fascinating and entertaining interview. You can hear the entire show here: >CLICK< You can catch the interview outtake here: >CLICK< source post by the Fetch: >CLICK<
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