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wtorek, 24 czerwca 2014

Is Putin for real?

I recently suggested Henry Makow a quiz, which he agreed to publish, because it waked his curiosity. It had no title and consisted of a quiz question.
On two recently covered topics pls find enclosed printscr from an RT program.

The question is twofold: can you read the picture and find the two topics and answers to them? What are the topics/questions and what are the answers to them? It is all in the picture.

Pls give it a try. If you do not want to, pls publish the picture with the above text and ask the readers for the answer. I will join with mine.

How about it? I'm frankly bored of writing and then debunking the trolls and the johnny-know-betters. Let us check, if the readers grasp the first level, because - to proceed further - you have to know where you presently are, don't you?

There were no takers, so here is my message and answer to the quiz.

It is actually two topics-questions, recently discussed on your site.

1. Are Khazars/Ashkenazi a race?
2. Is Putin a REAL opposition?

The two questions are intervowen in the picture and the answer to them is written on the wall. Now let's get to the details.

As you well know, sacred geometry, company logos, occult signs are incessantly bombarding us, every minute of our life. Why? Because the elite uses them as an inculcation tool, but symbol language has many more occult uses, perfected to the utmost through millenia. They are so powerful, because we are consciously dumbed down to them and they operate on primary, subconscious level, because they provide to the psychological handler an open gateway, a super highway to your mind and your soul. They use signs to train you as a pet, to subjugate you and to ride into your mind with any idea they want to implant into minds of the populace, once having opened the gateway, it would be illogical not to use it, wouldn't it?

You are aware of the above, on the conscious level. You know it, you read articles about it, right? But this short introduction is essential to lay aside all possible misunderstandings what I mean by this test. The signs are hidden in plain sight, but the sleeping populace, 'the dead', as we - the unwashed masses of sheep - are called in elite's lingo, do not see them, although they are literally splashed all over the screen, staring point blank in our faces. The handlers communicate with it their utter contempt and they communicate between themselves: lookie lookie, how we can play the sheeple, thumbing up their collective noses at us and roaring with laughter.

I worked with logos and graphics as a freelancer a bit and I understand graphics on professional level, but it took me several years of training, of everyday scrutiny of details and looking for HIDDEN patterns, and in the end it became a standard way of analyzing graphic info for me. I'm automatically, by default, taking any artificial composition - be it a design, tv broadcast or a newspaper page - as a picture with hidden patterns. In this a way I resolved the question, nagging me for a long time. Today I perused my youtube news and got a glimpse of this picture - for half a second - and the correct answer clicked graphically into place. It is sheer magic and I was dumbfounded. But so it works. Now let's cut to the chase.

On the picture you see a Russia Today program. You know it probably, it belongs to Kremlin and it is their official propaganda outlet. It is a very good and professionally run newscaster, really top notch, and some programs are top level. But that's beside the point. The subject in question is RT against CNN. We all know that CNN should be called ZNN, so we have here clearly cut opposition: Moscow against USrael. Is it for real? Nope.

You have on the screen very intelligent, top anchor of RT, real sympa newsbabe. Who is she? A professional obviously. But there's more. Look at her. She belongs to... yes, she belongs to the tribe, the same as in CNN Maddow, Aszkenazy. Is it wrong? Of course not. But, when the whole crew seems to be monoethnic, it does mean something, doesn't it?

Take a good look behind her. This convoluted logo on the screen, it was not flashed inadvertently. It stays on screen for 10 minutes straight. It means something. What is it? A hexagram and a masonry logo. No doubt about it.

Does this sympa newsbabe belong to the tribe? Of course, it is written in her face and I can see it, because it is a race thing obviously. You can check it, if you want, I do not need to - a picture is good enough.

So, after connecting the missing dots on the screen: is Putin a real opposition? No way. If his propaganda outlet flashes such candy, to the subject "RT attacking CNN" I have no doubts in my symbolic mind, it cannot be true. It is obvious and stares you in the face. So works symbolic communication - two questions in one picture and it took half a second to click. It is really powerful tool to communicate, come to think of it, so it would be worthwile to study it a bit, I would humbly submit.

Here you have two examples of sacred geometry at work, showing HOW the logos were consciously designed, connecting the purposefully left out details, blanks. They are absent to superficial scrutiny, but your subconscious mind, your "graphic processor unit" in your brain detects them infaillibly, because GPU is buried in the deepest layer of your mind, and rightly so - every animal can and does process images in the blink of its eye, every second, even every split of the second of waking life.

You open your eyes and your GPU flicks on. And it does SEE and UNDERSTAND the images without your conscious approval, it detects patterns and classifies them. It literally can fish preprogrammed patterns in a sea of visual data and I just described personal experience of conscious training to surface these hidden knowledge to conscious level. Learn, how to look at images holistically and detect and understand occult messages, sent by the elite, the programmers, between themselves and directly to your subconscious. Once you SEE the hidden messages, they become pretty innocuous, because you master them on conscious level and can do with them anything you decide. So long as they remain hidden below your consciousness, but nevertheless present - your brain automatically responds to programmed patterns, recognizes them and acts accordingly - you can be literally "hacked", programmed through your vision without your knowledge or consent, in short - you can be used as a slave. If it can be done - and done it can be - it is. Just check the tv subliminal programming. This is it. But it is not the end of story, only a modest beginning... So now you know it works and how. So start to SEE, stop WATCHING things. You will cease to LOOK for information, it will start to look at you.

Here you have two examples of sacred geometry construction, with absent lines drawn - to make you see, what the GPU sees without your knowledge, because it is pretty obvious and yet - occult. And do not pretend it was obvious from the start. It wasn't. If you do not train to fish the hidden image up, they won't appear. Without the help lines you do not see it. But I do now. It is easy like breathing, it's automatic, you know. Every frog can do ot.

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