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czwartek, 19 czerwca 2014

Maidan - what is it good for?

If you feel, that something is deeply amiss with this whole ukrainian charade, you are not alone. What you see on tv screens – soundbytes and pictures from the civil war, taken as a whole - for recent half-year period, that are paraded before astounded eyes of the world, amid so many other crisis hotspots, simply does not make sense. Nobody in the lamestream media seems to make
sensible head or tail of it, everything that the hired propagandists on both, or worse still – multiple sides – are capable of delivering are some thrilling war stories of war, death and terror. Yet nobody, literally nobody ever tries to answer the crucial question: what is this all about?

For example – do you know what happened to Maidan, the so highly trumped up in western media, legitimate grassroots social movement, consisting mainly of young students, workers and entrepreneurs? Obiously the new appointed president Poroshenko signed a fasttrack integration agreement with the EU, so their main objective being achieved, the movement dissipated and therefore we do not see them in the media any more, right? Wrong. They still occupy the central place in the capital city Kiev, bivouacking as if nothing happened and woving to resist until their grievances are put right.

Yesterday, on 17th of june they marched, alongside with the so called self-defence forces from southestern privinces Donbas and Lugansk, mired now in bitter and bloody civil war, in peaceful protest before the kievan parliament Verkhovna Rada. Nobody harassed them, there were no clashes with security forces or between the prostesters, although western media would like you to believe, that proeuropean, proudly ukrainian speaking EuroMaidan protesters are at loggerheads and mortal enemies of staunchly russian speakers, so called „separatists” unmistakably clad in paramilitary uniforms, eerily reminiscent of Hitlerjugend and visibly coming from current battlefield.

You do not get such disturbing pictures to see on tv, do you? Take some other example. Three days ago, over the weekend, just prior to theatrical breakdown of gas negotiations between kievan prime ministre Yatseniuk [the „Yats” from memorable phone conversation of Victoria F*** the EU Nuland, US ass. Sec. Of State] and russian gas monopoly Gazprom, there was a huge diplomatic scandal in Kiev. Some organized youth staged an unti-russian protest in front of the monumental russian embassy in Kiev. It was no big news, because nowadays, what with the civil war raging in the east of the country, the population in the capital is not exactly prone to loving Russia. Right.

But, do you know, that hooligans, quietly observed by idle standing by police, turned over all cars in the parking lot of the embassy, torched them, pelted the bulding with molotov cocktails and paint and lastly to add insult to injury climbed the fence and tore down the russian flag – to the applause of frantically chanting crowd? It is true, but there is more. In the night came to the crowd the ministre of foreign affairs in person and... encited the crowd heartily, chanting 'F*** Putin' [Putin khui – he's a dick literally]. Ukrainian FM Andrei Deshtchytsia did it! I wouldn't believe it, if I didn't see it on multiple films, shot by the crowd. It was real.

Please try to make heads or tail of such an inadmissible diplomatic behaviour, just a day before breakdown of the gas negotiations. Do they really want to close a deal with Gazprom, or do they want to enrage them, judge for yourself. Maybe some insight into price haggling can be gleaned from economic research.

On friday, the day before the public spectacle of russian embassy was staged, Putin made his last ditch effort to salvage the gas deal turning sour. He reckoned on clinching the deal and gaining inestimable propaganda points for peace ostensibly, because it was literally last minute announcement, timed precisely to the limit – and giving the Ukrainians therefore no further room to wiggle, hesitate and haggle. A take it or leave it kind of proposition.

He confirmed namely all the admittedly generous terms, negotiated previously by the former president Yanukowitsch, granted graciously to retain Ukraine in russian orbit and to prevent it from negotiating with EU. This encompassed financing and the discounted price – 385 $/t cbm. Putin played his visibly stronger hand at the moment to the limit, wanting to derive from this last minute concession maximum political mileage. He was sure Kiev must accept the offer, the best price and conditions for any of his european customers. He was going for sure victory, to save the day, to be a messenger of peace. Let us not look back. You can join the EU, but to end the haggling I extend the offer of special Yanukowitsch discount. Let us get to business.

Yatseniuk balked. He rejected the offer and floated totally unrealistic counterproposition: 265 $/t cbm or bust! As you well know by now, the negotiations collapsed and the delivery on the gas pipeline was immediately cut off. It takes no business acumen to see, that these sham negotiations were sabotaged on the ukrainian side, especially when you take into account the publicly known figure of Gazprom's estimated breakeven cost, known to all his competitors. It lies somewhere about 320-330 $, so the ukrainian request was not only unrealistic, but simply outlandish.

Yatseniuk poked presently the russian bear in both eyes – breaking the gas deal [and destroying Putin's trump card in the process – this last ditch proposition was really masterfully crafted, if you look from business negotiations perspective] and then publicly offending him through the performance in front of russian embassy. If you have some reasonal explanation, other than vicious belligerence, obviously aiming at confrontation on the Yatseniuk's side, you are welcome to voice it. I do not find any.

Many helpful informations, films and hints you can find on my site, where ad-hoc news formed already a multi-dozen series, with glimpses into this surreal world of contrived war. Why does the propaganda make no sense on closer inspection and everything seems to make no sense at all? Because manufacturing a war is nowodays a tough sell. Nobody wants to fight, on the contrary - everybody wants to party. So information warfare is key and the first casualty in this war, as usual, is truth.

You have to do an individual and learned effort to get to the root of it. Without extensive knowledge of the underlying economic, cultural and historical issues, propaganda will play you for a fool any and every time, because the powers of this world are hell bent on manufacturing regional hot war in eastern Ukraine. The evidence is overwhelming, revolting and revulsive. It's horrible, the coldblooded, purposeful loss of life, destruction of property and ethnic cleansing.

Take for recent example the nightly, systematic shelling of civilians in Slavyansk with white phosphorus and cluster bombs – both crimes against humanity, at least because of barbaric, banned weapons. Or take carnage in the center of Lugansk – premeditated aerial attack upon city hall with a rocket fire. This is a total, urban warfare, and the so called 'separatists' are obviously not bombing their own homes with wifes and children inside back to the stone age, so somebody else does.

Who is it, that stands behind the visible military force, trying to reclaim the political power in the dissident regions, by the tactics of scorched earth? Who is it, that gives soldiers orders to destroy rather everything in the pro-russian regions, than to even try some other resolution? You tell me. What I see is a relentless drive to destruction, seen for example in Serbia, Kosovo, so there definitely is some familiar plan to it. A deadly plan – to ethnically cleanse the disobedient and russian leaning east to one all-ukrainian, central narrative. Ukraine, after recent european tournée of Obama definitely went over from being a state somewhat between the NATO and Russia to the NATO eastern front country regime.

The hasty EU joining is not the end of the process, because stable and viable economic entity cannot survive without clear military adherence and especially Ukraine, perched dangerously on the leading, direct front with Russia. The previous colour revolution now is getting its logical finish. As always in such a case, when a new front is formed, it is turbulent, but in all this turbulence one thing is clear: NATO eastern enlargement into Ukraine is now getting accomplished, with the facts on the ground, in this case a civil war. It is not pretty, but logical. So let us welcome new NATO member, a mere 400 miles from the Moscow bear's den and without natural gas, but with unbelivably plentiful own resources. Just ask A. Hunter Biden, he definitely knows something in the matter, being freshly appointed to the board of directors or Burisma, the largest ukrainian company in … the gas sector of course. Exxon and Chevron just acquired enormous drill rights for shell oil and gas... in disputed regions. Talk about coincidences and total chaos in a war. Yet there is a plan and pattern to it. Always.
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